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"A Fascinating Force"

From writing for official Star Wars and Star Trek publications to consulting on projects in the sci-fi, fantasy, and nonprofit spheres, my approach to freelance assignments is defined by authenticity and enthusiasm. I’m genuinely eager to share my favorite fictional universes with the galaxy and offer others a chance to learn why I’m so passionate about them.

As a writer, my goal is to convey my thoughts so they are accessible to all, regardless of whether the reader is a Padawan learner or a kolinahr master. As a consultant, I aim to apply my unique expertise regarding fandoms, digital marketing, fundraising, social media strategy, event planning, and publicity to support my clients’ personal, professional, and charitable pursuits.

Browsing this site is an excellent way to familiarize yourself with my work, get to know me, and ask any lingering questions you may have. Before you go, allow me to paraphrase the wisdom often voiced by Spock and Yoda by saying, “May the Logic Be With You.”


If you hire me to write about sci-fi and fantasy, you’ll be as happy as a tribble on a bantha’s back! As a freelance writer for the last 7 years, I’ve harnessed my experience and expertise in all things Star Wars and Star Trek to contribute more than 500 articles to official outlets such as StarTrek.com, Star Wars Insider, Star Trek Explorer, and StarWars.com. I’ve kept my hand on the pulse of both fandoms, covered live events like Star Wars Celebration and Star Trek’s Las Vegas convention, and had my work featured on the Star Trek and Star Wars YouTube channels, all while hitting every deadline.


IDIC enthusiast. Lore historian. Starship scholar. I’ve engaged the Star Trek collective in every imaginable way through my 135+ feature articles, in-depth analyses, cast interviews, handy primers, thoughtful essays, heartfelt fan spotlights, evocative listicles, and detailed episode recaps that have been published at StarTrek.com. I thrive on sharing my love for Star Trek with the universe, and there’s no better Trill - sorry, thrill - than outlining my thoughts on Dominion diplomacy or helping fans share their personal Star Trek stories. I’ve been fortunate to be a part of several key projects for the official site, including my three-part “Trek Out the Vote” series of interviews with 20 Star Trek actors, a social justice statement endorsed by 40 Star Trek luminaries, and additional reporting on the essential “Star Trek Stands With Our AAPI Community” article. It’s only logical that I’ve also explored my own mental health journey through a Star Trek lens, recapped the latest Star Trek: Discovery and Strange New Worlds episodes, and even had my “Brent Spiner’s Greatest Hits” feature adapted into a fun video which was posted on the Star Trek YouTube channel.

Star Wars Insider

Canon inquisitor. Sacred texter. Wookiee whisperer. Across more than 40 issues and counting, I’ve covered every corner of the galaxy far, far away for Star Wars Insider. When I’m not consulting the archives or putting your wisdom to the test in my regular “A Certain Point of View” and “Jedi Master’s Quiz” features, I’m co-authoring the defining retrospective on Chewbacca (“Chewbacca: How to Work the Wookiee Look”), pondering the Jedi Order’s missteps (“Did We Order a Clone Army?”), evaluating Rogue One’s impact on A New Hope (“From Scarif to Yavin”), and interviewing cast and crew from The Mandalorian, Andor, Obi-Wan Kenobi, The Book of Boba Fett, and more. Plus, my contributions to the “200 Reasons We Love Star Wars” article were highlighted on the Star Wars YouTube channel’s This Week! in Star Wars, and I tackle books, comics, and games with the gentle ferocity of a rancor.

Star Trek Explorer

Resistance may be futile, but persistence pays off. As a longtime contributor to Star Trek Magazine, I was approached to develop and write the recurring “Engage!,” “Trek Through Life,” and “Trek 101” columns when the official publication was rebranded as Star Trek Explorer. I’ve covered breaking news, reported on the latest merchandise, and interviewed fans since Explorer’s very first issue, and my regular features also include character-focused “Life and Legacy” biographies and “Top 10” listicles.

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Star Trek Explorer - Issue 1 [“Trek 101: Gene Roddenberry” Cover Story]

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Star Trek Explorer - Issue 3 [U.S.S. Enterprise “Inside Trek” Cover Stories]

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Star Trek Explorer - Issue 7 [Interview with Star Trek novelist John Jackson Miller]

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Star Trek Explorer - Issue 8 [Interview with Star Trek: Picard production designer Dave Blass]


Don’t jump back into hyperspace yet! My Star Wars resume also extends into the digital sphere at StarWars.com, where my earlier work focused on analyzing the symbolism and themes present in the saga, as well as delving into its starships, cultures, and character arcs. Excerpts from my Star Wars Insider interviews with The Force Awakens and The Rise of Skywalker star Greg Grunberg and The Book of Boba Fett actor Carey Jones can currently be found on the website, and I also penned the “Be A Force For Change This Holiday Season” article for the Star Wars: Force for Change initiative in 2016.

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Oh, Snap! Greg Grunberg on His Role in the Sequel Trilogy” [StarWars.com Excerpt]

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Carey Jones on Becoming Krrsantan” [StarWars.com Excerpt]


Whether it involves accessing the Federation database or studying the Jedi Archives, I’m always eager to examine every facet of these fictional universes. As an author, I’ve contributed to a variety of Star Trek and Star Wars hardcover titles, ranging from official series guides and behind-the-scenes companions to special editions and anniversary celebrations. My work has also been included in souvenir collections and themed anthologies.

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Star Wars: The Mandalorian Collection

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Star Wars Insider Souvenir Edition 2021

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Star Wars Insider Souvenir Edition 2022

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Star Wars Insider Souvenir Edition 2023

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Star Trek: Picard - The Official Collector’s Edition

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Star Trek: Voyager - 25th Anniversary Special

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Star Trek: Discovery - The Making of Season 1

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Star Trek: Picard - The Classic Chronicles


My affinity for galactic freedom and a utopian future is not confined to the fictional realm. As a consultant, I’ve paired my in-depth knowledge of fandoms with my interest in philanthropy, digital marketing, and social media strategy in significant ways: I’ve represented the Roddenberry Foundation as an Ambassador for its Boldly Go Campaign; been recruited by actor John Billingsley to co-organize the massively successful Trek Talks charity telethons; volunteered with the nonprofit SameYou; collaborated with actor Robert Picardo on his vaccination drive; assisted numerous actors and creatives on their personal projects; and coordinated social statements that have been endorsed by some of the most prolific names in sci-fi and fantasy entertainment.

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Roddenberry foundation



To Boldly Know… Me! This Is The Jay.

“Jay is a diligent, enthusiastic, and imaginative writer, brimming with ideas and the research and writing skills to back them up. I'm always assured of engaging content whenever I commission him to write a feature article or interview a big name, and he always delivers top quality manuscripts on deadline (often before.) A contributor I can't recommend highly enough.”
Editor, Star Wars Insider

“Jay Stobie and I worked together to create a political action network. We made quite a splash and were referenced by several large media outlets. Jay heard about my serious desire to educate people and volunteered for the job. Jay was the IT expert on our team and he never faltered in securing the names and addresses that were needed to initiate the groundswell that gave us our national recognition. He made our deadline initiation dates in all media exactly as hoped, despite some major hiccoughs from my lack of expertise in this enterprise. He was a hard worker, a diligent contributor, and a joy to work with. I highly recommend that if you need a committed IT person who sees a project through to the end and makes other people’s work easier, go with the highly talented and enthusiastic team-player, Jay Stobie.”
Actor & Author

“Jay Stobie is a remarkable writer, journalist and interviewer. I am always impressed with his writing skills and his work ethic. It’s one of the reasons why his work has appeared on the official sites for Star Trek and Star Wars. He is one of my favorite writers working in the Sci-Fi space these days. I highly recommend Jay!”
Founder, President, & Publisher
Star Wars Insider, Star Wars Celebration, Star Trek Communicator

“Jay embodies the Star Trek family. He embodies the Star Wars family. He knows the value of a true fanbase coming together for good. Jay has been instrumental in helping us drum up support in both of these incredible canons. I’ve been fortunate enough to be an actor in both, and Jay has really helped my organization with outreach when it comes to removing the stigma of seizures and epilepsy and supporting my organization TalkAboutIt.org. He has always been there for us, and his work carries great meaning and integrity every time.”
Actor, Producer, Writer

“Jay is an editor's dream to work with. Not only is his writing style clear and his copy clean, but he displays both a strong knowledge of topics pertaining to pop culture and fandom and a deep empathy for the subjects he covers. He has a talent for insightful interviews where he can truly engage with who he is talking to, and his recaps of shows like Star Trek: Discovery and Star Trek: Strange New Worlds showed a balance of appealing to newer fans while tackling the Easter eggs left for returning fans to find. When it comes to edits, he approaches the process with an open mind and is eager to work with any editor to make his articles the best they can be. I cannot recommend him or his work highly enough.”
Editorial Assistant